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Loader (Tractor hydraulic manipulator) GSTm-1000

Loader Tractor hydraulic manipulator GSTm-1000 Diapazon

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Replacement tool kit for loader GSTm-1000:

Forks ZV-1,0:

The forks on GSTm-1000 Diapazon Forks ZV-1.0 for GSTm-1000 Diapazon Fork arm GSTm-1000 Diapazon

Hoist (winch) YL-1,0:

Winch GSTm-1000 Diapazon Winch hydraulic manipulator GSTm-1000 Winch hydraulic manipulator GSTm-1000 Diapazon

Grab loading device GPY-0,4:

Clamshell bucket loading device GSTm-1000 Diapazon Grab loading device GSTm-1000 Diapazon Grapple GSTm-1000 Diapazon

Roll clamps ZT-1500:

Roll clamps GSTm-1000 Diapazon Roll clamps hay GSTm-1000 Diapazon Roll clamps straw GSTm-1000 Diapazon

Capture Forest ZB-1,0:

Capture Forest GSTm-1000 Diapazon Capture logs for GSTm-1000 Diapazon Capture for roundwood timber GSTm-1000 Diapazon

Loader (upgraded) GSTm-1000 «Diapazon».

Loader GSTm-1000 is similar to the basic modification of the GSTm-1000, with the possibility of extending the functionality of, through aggregation of a special attachment that allows you to use it as an excavator bucket loader, tower, as well as on the operations of timber loading, hay bales or rolls, silage, hay, manure, bags such as «Big-Bag» and so on.

The upgraded version of the loader GSTm-1000 «Diapazon» allows you to expand the scope and the use of additional working bodies use it as:
— Excavator;
— Grab Loader;
— Loader bale of hay and straw;
— Loader silage and manure;
— Timber loader;
— Lift installation work;
— Hydrodrill.

And when you install the hoist to unload fertilizer from rail cars.
Loader control is performed using the tractor hydraulic distributor located at the front on the left side of the manipulator. If necessary, it can be converted into the right position depending on the circuit loading.