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Disk harrow AGN 3.3 (2) (Semi-mounted)

Semi-mounted disk harrow AGN 3.3 Veles Agro

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Semi-mounted disk harrow series AGN, with adjustable row-spacing, designed for primary and pre-tilling corn and technical cultures by loosening the surface of the field at a given depth from the soil resistivity to 0.9 kgf / cm, hardness of 35 kgf / cm ² (3.5 MPa) and humidity to 27%.

Двухточечная навеска дисковой бороны АГН 2.5

Semi-mounted disk harrow AGN 2.5, as desired can be equipped with a two-point linkage, or bundled as a separate optional.

Design features implements AGN:

  • adjustment of row-spacing provides tillage with a minimum height of the ridges on the bottom of the furrow and the uniform depth of processing;
  • adjustable angle of attack disks;
  • convenient system replacement bearings;
  • Disc of wear boron steel;
  • Continuously variable depth control.

Maintenance-free working body assembly:

Design advantages of unattended operating unit housing AGN:

Disc harrows Sealed Veles Agro AGN

Semi-mounted Disk harrows