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Double disk harrow Zeus-6 HD (Semi-mounted)

Double disk harrow Zeus-6 HD (Semi-mounted) Veles Agro

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Semi-mounted Double disk harrow Zeus-6 HD specifically designed to work in harsh conditions: the presence of crop residues, soil compaction, the dry season, etc.

Spaced four rows of the working bodies of the unit, attached to the joists of the frame with rubber shock absorbers, which makes it possible to do minor working body oscillates in amplitude, thus penetrating deeper into the ground and the simultaneous cleaning disc.

On the labor front fixed two tandem nonperforming working body staggered, and their diversity in four rows, contributes to the free mixing of the soil without clogging the unit, and the self-cleaning roller with vibrating plates, perfectly aligns the surface of the field after the passage of discs.

Semi-mounted Double disk harrows