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Inter-Row Cultivator KM-5.6

Inter-Row cultivator KM-5.6 Veles Agro

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Cultivator KM-5,6 for inter-row cultivation of tall industrial crops — sunflower, corn, sorghum and other variable width of the aisle shall loosening topsoil to a predetermined depth with row spacing of 70 cm.
For aggregation, it is recommended to use the tractor drawbar category — 2.0

Inter-Row cultivator KM-5.6, Veles Agro, cultivator
Cultivator KM-5, 6 works where others can’t:

  • reinforced frame design section 150x140h10 mm to withstand the maximum permissible load;
  • parallelogram design section produces clear up the treated surface of the field;
  • stepless adjustment of the cutting depth is achieved by aligning wheel section;
  • spring-loaded lancet feet with adjustable height, tilt, and treated with the maximum horizontal width of the aisle;
  • guards protect plants from falling asleep at work at maximum speed;
  • reinforced section allows processing heavily compacted soils;
  • allows for the installation of unilateral ploskorezhuschih feet;
  • messing around at speeds of 10km/h;
  • working parts are made of high-strength boron steel.

Inter-Row cultivator section Veles Agro KM-5.6

Result of Rotary Cultivator КМ-5,6: