tillage equipment and spare parts


tillage equipment and spare parts

About company Veles-Agro

LLC "Veles-Agro LTD." Founded in 1996, began with the production of spare parts for agricultural implements, was immediately put to the evidence for the good product quality, when other manufacturers were selling factories for the bad condition of the nation.

Over the past sixteen years of continuous development and improvement, the company took a well-deserved place among the leading Ukrainian producers of tillers and spare parts, and products have received recognition for the quality, not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

To date, under the brand name "Veles-Agro" commercially available mechanical grain drills, cultivators, including inter-row, the family of disk aggregates and complexes with wide solid seedbed preparation, as well as traditional dumping plows and scarifiers. Spectrum produced spare parts for tillage technology of domestic and foreign production exceeds 150 items. Geographic map exports covers a vast area from Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, and Africa.

Technical equipment production, qualified staff, a team of talented engineers and business contacts with foreign suppliers allow the plant to react to current trends and needs of the agro-industrial market, to fulfill orders for the production of new models of tillage and seeding equipment. The technology of casting burned model, which allows to produce parts with tight tolerances and machining parts used in the production of Solid finished products. Through the introduction of high-strength steel processing technology, greatly increased endurance produced discs to tillage techniques, which are made of boron steel instead of the traditional material - steel 65G.

Boron steel Veles-Agro Warehouse metal in the production of Veles-Agro

Used in manufacturing equipment for precise plasma cutting of high strength steel

Plasma cutting of metal Veles-Agro Metal cutting laser Veles-Agro

There are super-turning machines with artificial intelligence that with maximum precision grind out the details of a single metal.

Lathe precision Veles-Agro Lathe Veles-Agro Super machine with artificial intelligence Veles-Agro

Shaped tubes, which are used for the manufacture of frame structures aggregates are cut in German quality precision equipment, and then welded by hand in the finished product (the frame). Each weld pass quality control.

Cutting profile pipes on the frame structure Veles-Agro Weld metal, weld Veles-Agro

It is important that in comparison with the prices of spare parts imported, the price of similar products of high strength steel "Veles-Agro" two times lower than the original, which provides a stable competitive advantage.

Weighted pricing, reliability and varied, constantly updated product range, stable service support - are the ingredients of the foundation on which the LLC "Veles-Agro LTD." Builds long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with customers and trading partners.

Sincerely, General Manager of "Veles-Agro LTD."